Update on the Lutsel k’e Dene Housing Strategy

July 22nd 2021

LKDFN Housing has opened an office in the Denesoline Corporation Building. The purpose of the LKDFN Housing Office is to build affordable homes for community members and to renovate private homes. A training component will be attached to building tiny homes, the construction of family homes and the renovation of private homes.

Five brand new modular homes will be arriving in Lutsel K'e in the summer of 2022 that came from a successful application to CMHC. These homes will be designed so that the homeowner will own these homes at the end of a twenty year period.

Applications and proposals have been put in to build two tiny homes in the community this summer with in class room training and on the job site training for 12 students. Land use planning and cleaning up the old houses will also be something that the LKDFN Housing Office will be doing in the near future.

A LKDFN Housing Board has been established and the board members are Mervin Abel, Sandra Lockhart, James Marlowe and Gabe Enzoe.